Ahmadi Graves Desecrated In Kasur

The community demands authorities launch a probe and take action against those responsible

Ahmadi Graves Desecrated In Kasur

The Ahmadiyya community on Sunday claimed that unidentified people in Kasur had desecrated two graves of community members.

The community, in a post, said that the tombstones of the deceased community members were destroyed in the Bulhair area of Kasur District. 

The incident took place on Saturday and was discovered on Sunday.

The community said it is facing a fresh and aggressive wave of hatred and violence, with the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) orchestrating many attacks.

It added that most of the oppression against Ahmadis is being carried out by the police at the instigation of the extremist group.

"Every day, the desecration of the arches, minarets of worship places and the tombstones of the Ahmadi graves is a new norm," the community said in a statement.

The community requested the authorities to take swift and prompt action against those responsible for the desecration of the tombstones.

So far this year, nearly two dozen Ahmadi places of worship have been desecrated, with either their minarets destroyed or their arch demolished. Some have been completely vandalised, with the windows broken and doors split. 

Recently, the TLP staged a rally ahead of Rabiul Awwal 12 in Daska, Sialkot, where they threatened to attack an Ahmadi place of worship that had been built by a Partition hero and Pakistan's first foreign minister Sir Zafarullah Khan. 

While the police and local administration prevented that, they did desecrate a graveyard in the same area, desecrating the epitaphs of some 70 graves.