Third Woman Harassed On Karachi's Streets In As Many Months

Third Woman Harassed On Karachi's Streets In As Many Months
A woman wearing a niqaab and abaya was harassed in a deserted Karachi street, it emerged on Wednesday.

This is the third such incident to be reported in the city within as many months.

Videos of the incident, recorded via closed circuit cameras installed at the site of the incident, showed that a woman, wearing a black gown (abaya) and a black hijab with niqaab (hair and face covering respectively), was walking down a street at around 11 am near Madina Masjid in Federal B Area Block 17 of Karachi on August 1.

The video shows that a man riding a motorbike, sporting a prayer cap on his head and a thick beard on his face, is driving past the lane on his motorbike when he spots the woman walking alone.

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At this, he stops his bike and turns it around to enter the narrow street.

He then drives his bike at her. As he nears her, he veers the motorbike to avoid a collision. As he does so, he sticks out his left hand and reaches out to the woman before speeding away.

When the woman cried out, residents and onlookers flooded the street to look for the culprit.

The police have yet to make any arrests in the matter. They added that no one had approached them with a complaint and that they were still clueless about the victim who had not stepped forward.

However, the police said they had requested access to the video feed from security cameras installed nearby to identify the culprit.

Earlier, a woman -- who was similarly dressed -- was harassed by a man who had pulled down his pants in the Gulistan-e-Jauhar locality of the city.

In a second incident, a bike rider in Orangi Town harassed a woman in a manner similar to the incident in the Federal B area.

The police, however, had claimed to have apprehended that individual.