Karachi Woman Slaps Police Officer, Gets Booked

Karachi Woman Slaps Police Officer, Gets Booked
In a video surfaced on Thursday, a woman slaps a police officer for stopping her car. The woman was booked by Karachi police after she roughed up police officers at a traffic stop set up in the city against traffic violations.

The personnel were reportedly checking vehicles with fancy number plates and tinted windows in a drive against the practice.

In the video, now making rounds on social media, the woman is seen arguing with a police officer after being stopped.

Soon, she also begins to film the argument with her cell phone, as the driver of the car attempts to flee the scene.

Upon the refusal of the official, later identified as a DSP-rank officer in traffic police, the woman slaps police officer after pushing him against an adjacent bus.

The woman, during the scuffle, also forcefully shoved another officer to the side who tried to intervene and defuse the situation.

Later, in a statement, the officer said the woman began to manhandle and threaten him after he stopped the recklessly-driven car.

He added that other woman in the car also misbehaved with him, and called him their servant.


In May 2020, a video went viral of a woman claiming to be a "colonel’s wife", at the Hazara Motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The woman tried to force her way out of a blockade, as the police were directed to not let anyone move past the traffic stop.

She was stopped while driving along with a young man, reportedly her son, in the Shankari area. Upon the insistence of the officers, she resorted to removing the barrier and throwing the drum put there to block the traffic.

The woman then managed to drive away, with some of the police officials seen chasing her in their cars.

The VIP culture is a major social issue, as people with influence and power ridicule and mock the law.