Such Gup

Such Gup

Lenay kay denay …

A member of parliament belonging to The Man of Steel’s camp owed someone Rs 3 million. Having failed to recover their money, the lenders got the parliamentarian kidnapped. They had intended for the kidnappers to keep the gent for a few days until his family paid the money. Before the gent’s family could get in touch with the gang, they sold the fellow on to a group in North Waziristan. The latter asked the gent’s family for Rs 10 million in ransom. When The Man of Steel heard of it, he gave hell to the lender, who’d got the gent kidnapped in the first place. The lender (who was owed Rs 3 million by the kidnapped gent) ended up paying the North Waziristan gang Rs 10 million to get him back! Lenay kay denay parr gaye, as they say.

Persona non grata

Rumour has it, following the Peshawar tragedy, Mr Bean confronted The Great Khan with an interesting conversation he’d had with a persona non grata. Our mole reports The Khan paled, because he was said to have had a telecon with the leader of the “Bad Taliban”. Apparently, The Khan said, “he called me, I didn’t call him”. Nonetheless, it was indictment enough. We also hear he got a message from a senior khaki advising him to call off his dharna.

Burgeoning orthodoxy

In case nobody’s noticed, our national motto “Unity, Faith, Discipline” (as per the Quaid-e-Azam) has been changed. It’s now “Faith, Unity, Discipline” to emphasise our burgeoning orthodoxy. This was noticed by none other than The Man of Steel and discussed light-heartedly with General Bob. Both agreed that the Quaid’s words had been jumbled but that nothing could be done about it now.