Activist Jibran Nasir Abducted By 15 Armed Men, Says Wife

Activist Jibran Nasir Abducted By 15 Armed Men, Says Wife
Jibran Nasir was abducted by more than a dozen armed men – Mansha Pasha – the activist's wife said on Thursday.

In a video message, Mansha said that she and Jibran were heading towards home in their car following a dinner when they were intercepted by a white Vigo.

"They almost crashed into our car, and then some 15 plain-clothed men carrying pistols took Jibran with them," she said, narrating the details of the incident that occurred in Karachi.

Mansha added that she has filed a complaint against the "illegal abduction" at the Clifton Police Station.

She asked for due action and efforts to recover the activist, whose whereabouts remain unknown so far.

The incident comes at a time when anchorperson Imran Riaz Khan has been missing since May 11, two days after the violent riots over the PTI chief's arrest in Al-Qadir Trust case.

On the grounds of “utilising his platform for spreading hate speech” and thereby instigating people against the state, an act deemed by security agencies as prejudicial to peace, security and public safety, Imran Riaz was detained for a duration of 30 days under the Maintenance of Public Order Ordinance, 1960, through Order bearing No. HC/1002 dated 11 May 2023, issued by Deputy Commissioner of Sialkot.

The exercise of power to detain the anchorperson, as disclosed in the said order, was through notification No. SO(JUDL-III)2-1/2017 dated 20 July 2017, issued by the Home Department of the Government of Punjab.

Similarly, many others were detained under the guise of maintaining peace and tranquility by deploying the 1960 Ordinance for maintaining public order. Some 17 people were ordered to be kept in custody for 30 days vide Order No. RDM/373, dated 10 May 2023, issued by the Deputy Commissioner of Lahore.

Despite being the victims of preventative detention many times themselves, there seems to be no hesitation among Pakistan’s political class to protect the civil rights of their fellow countrymen.

Preventative detention laws, and their aggressive application onto a specific political force that has ‘fallen out of favour’, are a fundamental danger to the rights and liberties of all citizens of Pakistan, for whose protection the Constitution was framed.