Imran Khan Shares Pro-Trump Analyst's Talk On Fox News As Proof Of 'Foreign Conspiracy'

Imran Khan Shares Pro-Trump Analyst's Talk On Fox News As Proof Of 'Foreign Conspiracy'
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairperson and former prime minister Imran Khan tweeted a clip from a talk show on controversial American channel Fox News featuring analyst Rebecca Grant, who is a supporter of former US president Donald Trump claiming it was proof of a US-backed 'regime change' in Pakistan.

However, Fox News analyst Rebecca Grant, who was talking about how Pakistan needs to 'cool it' on the 'anti-America, pro-Russia foreign policies' and support Ukraine, is neither a US government spokesperson, nor has she ever worked for the US administration. An analyst for Fox, she also runs a research think tank called IRIS.

The former prime minister claimed that the clip was evidence of US involvement in his removal last month. He said that the video should clear up all doubts as to why the US removed a democratically-elected PM, in favor of someone obedient to the US, who would not allow for Pakistani neutrality in the Ukraine war.

He further urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take note and hold hearings to find out who was involved in this conspiracy.

The same video clip was also shared by PTI leader and former federal minister for human rights Shireen Mazari.

Tagging the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), she asked him to explain how the establishment still thinks there was no US regime change conspiracy to remove Khan, saying that it was a matter of Pakistan's sovereignty.

The clip has been shared by at least four PTI ministers, all citing it as 'proof' of US involvement, despite the anchorperson being a mere news analyst, not affiliated with the US government.