Diary of a Social Butterfly

Diary of a Social Butterfly
When I was at the Convent the nuns, they used to tell to us: ‘Child, if you can’t say something nice then don’t say anything at all.’ What a pity that Imran Khan didn’t go to the Convent of Jesus and Mary because then he could also have made that his motor, like I have. Instead poor thing he says such bonga and crack things all the time. Ub dekho, whole of world has contemped Donald Trump’s travel ban on Muslims.

Only Imran has gone and welcomed it. Aur tau aur, he is also hoping it will be extended to Pakistan so that Pakistan is declared a terrorist state and Pakistanis will be forced to stay at home. Such a black-tongued hippo crit vaisay.

When he was raising funds for his hospital then tau he couldn’t wait to jump on a plane to New York to milk Amreekan Pakistanis. Then tau he didn’t think that they should have stayed at home to fix their countries. Haan?

And you know my cousins Minnie and Ayub Haq? Bhai the ones with the big house in Mary’s Land? Oho baba, Ayub Bhai, the halal butcher who’s become a multi millionaire? With the son called Simon Hake who is actually Salman Haq, Yes, them only. Anyways, Minnie’s sister Nunni was going to visit her to do salaam duas (I’d asked her to get me my La Prarry ki cream from there only) and now she’s scared in case she gets stopped at Dullass airport and abused by those Home Town security wallahs. And she’s a hijaban na, so she’s thinking of not going and iss say bhi worst, my La Prarry cream is thinking of not coming.

Ub dekho tomorrow if ban is also put by Theresa Maybe (PM of London) on us all, then how Imran Khan will go visit his sons haan? How he will drink tea with Lady Anna Bell in her mention in Rich Mound? How he will attend parties with Charles and Carmella? Saying ‘Pakistanis should stay in Pakistan’. Then how it doesn’t apply to his sons haan? Or are they not Pakistanis? And if his own sons are not Pakistanis then how he can give lectures to others, haan? Hippo crit jaisa.