Daya Bheel Murder Case: Murder Weapon Recovered

Daya Bheel Murder Case: Murder Weapon Recovered
The police recovered a sickle that is said to have been the weapon that was used to murder Daya Bheel, a 40 year old Hindu widow whose dead body was found mutilated in a field.

The recovered weapon was dispatched to a laboratory of Hyderabad to ascertain that whether it was used for the said murder or not. A cloak-chaddar used for carrying fodder was also found lying at the crime scene and was considered as essential for connecting the accused with the heinous offence.

A Hyderabad based police team visited Sanghar the other day to collect samples of the arrested suspects for DNA examination.

An initial investigation launched into the much-hyped murder has made police investigators to think that there may have been the involvement of some sorcerers in such a barbaric act. The police disclosed that during the investigation they found a connection of the murder with local magicians.

They said that some magician had probably promised her to rid her of from poverty and other difficulties of her life adding that the Call Data Record (CDR) of the deceased lady showed that she had been contacted by a magician by the name of Roopo Bheel several times.

A local villager told the police that before his death, Daya Bheel’s husband  also had some relations with a local group of magicians and he too had died under bizarre circumstances.

This incident has been highlighted by international media and has brought on criticism and questioning of Pakistan's policies with regards to the protection of minorities.

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.