'Establishment Has Realised That Imran Is Unfit To Be In Power'

'Establishment Has Realised That Imran Is Unfit To Be In Power'
PTI chief Imran Khan criticised those whom he owed to, and they now think that he is unfit for the post of prime minister. The establishment has realised that the former premier is unfit to be in power in Pakistan.

Imran Khan should have spoken up when Gen (retd) Bajwa was still a serving officer; he should have said those things when the no-trust motion was tabled against him, but he used to praise him at the time.

Speaking at Khabar Say Aagay, Yousaf said that Imran may have some popularity in the junior ranks but there is none for him in the higher ranks.

The officers are of the opinion that the former premier isn't going to tolerate PPP or the PML-N; at first, they labeled them as looters, and then handing over power to them.

Investigative journalist Azaz Syed said those who who belong to the institution weren't happy with ex-PM's abusive language because his propaganda had dented its reputation.

He advised initiating a Charter of Democracy and bringing the military and the PTI chairman onboard, towards resolving the issue.

Analyst Murtaza Solangi said that leadership in the military is the sole decision-maker in the institution, therefore, surveys suggesting Imran Khan's popularity within the army hold no substance.

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