ATC Grants Bail To Former Police Inspector Abid Boxer

'Gaining notoriety as an encounter specialist, Abid wielded considerable influence among political and showbiz circles'

ATC Grants Bail To Former Police Inspector Abid Boxer

Former police officer Abid Boxer has been granted bail by the Anti-Terrorism Court in Lahore in connection with his alleged break-out from police custody and the snatching of government firearms.

After considering Abid's bail plea, Judge Arshad Javed granted him bail against Rs 1,00,000 in surety bonds.

Abid Boxer vehemently denied the police's accusations, claiming they were untrue and that he would be more than prepared to go to trial in order to clear his reputation.

He requested the judge allow his bail request, highlighting his willingness to assist with the judicial process.

The Faisal Town police station filed a complaint against Abid Boxer, and because of his background and the seriousness of the accusations, it has attracted a lot of attention.

Abid Boxer, who gained notoriety as a police inspector for his roles in several high-profile cases, will now have the chance to establish his innocence in a court of law.