Competitors For COAS Slot Insinuated To Saudis That Asim Munir 'Is Shia'

Competitors For COAS Slot Insinuated To Saudis That Asim Munir 'Is Shia'
Senior journalist Azaz Syed has made this fresh revelation that during the appointment of the new army chief, a message was sent to the Saudi government that the potential army chief was a Shia.

Talking to co-host Umar Cheema in his vlog, Azaz Syed said that during the inauguration of the new army chief, the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Islamabad had sent a message to his government in which he said that Asim Munir, possibly Pakistan's next army chief, belonged to the Shia sect.

Azaz said that after this communique, a message was sent to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif by the Saudi government on November 16 or 17 that the Saudi government was "not happy with him". The cause of the unhappiness was found to be that Pakistan's new army chief was believed to be Shia.

The prime minister then ordered the officers of his subordinate agencies to investigate the matter to find out who had conveyed this false message to the Saudi government.

According to Azaz Syed, on November 17 or 18, the Saudi ambassador to Pakistan was woken up by his security officers, who asked him to immediately send a message to his government that the information he had sent regarding the-then Quartermaster General of Pakistan Army was not true.

Azaz also said that this false news was not given by the Saudi ambassador, but by the Saudi defense attaché posted in the Saudi embassy. "It was the army officers who themselves were in the race to become the army chief, who gave this news to them", Azaz stated, clarifying that Faiz Hameed was not included in these persons.

He said that the name of the officer who is coming forward in this matter is an ISI officer posted in Saudi Arabia, whose name is 'Rahmatullah'. These officers are considered to be very close to Faiz Hameed. It should also be noted that this officer posted in Saudi Arabia has been summoned to Islamabad for investigation.