HATE WATCH: Persecution Of Ahmadis, Blasphemy, Enforced Disappearances And Gender-Based Violence

HATE WATCH: Persecution Of Ahmadis, Blasphemy, Enforced Disappearances And Gender-Based Violence
Persecution of religious minorities

In Karachi, a Christian woman was threatened with a fabricated blasphemy case by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) staff. The incident was widely reported due to a phone recording, which went viral on social media, and was picked up by the press. The CAA suspended the man on January 7.

The video circulation also generated an unusual response from an ulema board. A pro-blasphemy law alt-right group, affiliated with Islamabad’s infamous Lal Masjid, condemned the incident.

In the month’s first week, an Ahmadi man was arrested in a case of 295-B and 298-C. The FIR was registered in December 2022. The case was followed by an intensified hate campaign against the beleaguered group.

Two cases were reported against Ahmadis in Punjab and one in Karachi. In a glaring violation of Justice Tassaduq Jillani’s judgement of 2014, the Punjab police vandalised an Ahmadi worship place and demolished a minaret in Moti Bazar, Wazirabad.

In Karachi, unknown men attacked an Ahmadi worship place on Jan 18. In a Faisalabad graveyard, unidentified miscreants desecrated Ahmadi graves, torched coffins and stole from the store of the community’s graveyard on January 23. The community reported continuous pressure from Gojra District Police Officer for demolishing minarets of a worship place.

The National Assembly passed an amendment which made the draconian blasphemy laws more stringent, through increase in punishment for insult to more sacred figures of Islam. The said offence is now non-bailable, punishment increased up to 10 years and Rs 1million fine. Human rights advocates are worried that the amendment will further widen the scope of persecution of minority sects and groups.

Gender-based violence

A woman was murder by a man in the name of honour, according to reports from Karachi. A man killed his 19-year-old daughter on the court premises on January 23.

A victim, Hajira, married a man out of her free will. She was due to record her statement before a judicial magistrate when her father shot at her.


At least 12 young Baloch men, including students, forcibly disappeared, as per the Voice of Baloch Missing Persons. These include victims of short-term disappearances.

Baloch students protesting harassment by a male professor were baton charged and injured by the Punjab University security guards.

Two FIRs were registered on fabricated charges against Pashtun human rights defenders. One of these two FIRs, that nominated the PTM leader Manzoor Pashteen, included Section 124-A (sedition).

The writer is a multimedia journalist and researches human rights abuses. She hosts a show on social justice stories on Naya Daur TV.