Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Time has come to part companies with The Boys, because there is a lot of black in lentil. This is not natural justice. It is all false, like a 90 year olds teeth. This is what is called Global Warning. Elections are being stolen, and handed over to Khan of the melted brain. Well, I am ready to go to jail. I’ve even told Al-King and Mohtarma Treesa May. Al-King asked me on phoon, “Why you sound so sad, brother?” I said, “Your Majesty, Ladder of the Faithful, Guardian of The Two Mosques, elections are being stolen.”

Al King said, “Al-ack and Al-as! Al-arming news! But tell me brother, what are Elections?” I was speech lass. “Er, Elections are the basis of Democracy, Your Amazing Gloriousness”. Then Al-King asked, “Al-though complicated idea, it has set Al-ight my mind. Question is: what is democracy?” I replied with the only answer I could think of: “Strange that you should ask, Your Brilliant Majesty, it’s what The Boys keep asking too.”

Al-King persisted, “But really brother, we wish to know about this Democracy thing. What is it? How much does it cost? Where can we buy it?” I replied, “It was made in England, Your Profound Profundity, by someone called Maggie Carta. And it was made more than a thousand years ago so it is now a very costly antique”. Al-King asked, “Can we buy it at Christie’s or at Sotheby’s?” “Let me to ask Mohtarma Treesa May and revert”. Like this I released my life – jaan churaoed – from Al-King. Just imagine! Not knowing the fust thing about Democracy. Reminds me of Some People in Pakistan.

But I think so Al-King got fascinated by Democracy and Elections and he called back, “Brother, when were the first El-ections in England?” Uff, what I have museebat khana done? “In 1066, Your Fascinating Fascisty, when Prince William and Kate Middleclass came back from Normandy”. “Ahlan wa sahlan! Can you blease send me Kate’s brivate cell number, brother?” “Of course, Your Cellular Phoney, I will revert at my earliest convenience”. Then I shut phoon and threw it in River Thames.