Post-Mortem Report Reveals 42-Year-Old Thatta Woman Was Strangled To Death

Post-Mortem Report Reveals 42-Year-Old Thatta Woman Was Strangled To Death
THATTA: The post-mortem report of a 42-year lady who reportedly committed suicide in Ahmed Jaro village of Taluka Ghorabari, district Thatta, on Eid day has brought forth a shocking revelations that spurred a murder investigation by the police.

The final post-mortem report revealed that the deceased lady, identified as 42-year-old Zahida Jaro, was throttled to death. Initially, the deceased lady's husband Razzaq Jaro claimed that his wife was suffering from a mental disorder due to which she took the extreme step of ending her life.

"When we returned home on Thursday (June 29) morning, we found her body hanging from the ceiling fan," Razzaq Jaro said.

After the final post-mortem report was issued by Thatta's civil hospital on Wednesday, the father of Zahida Jaro accused Zahida's husband Razzaq and his brothers of brutally strangulating her to death "under a deep-rooted conspiracy".

Zahida's bereaved father said that he had the "intuition" that Razzaq Jaro and his brothers had killed his daughter, and later hanged her from a ceiling fan to make it appear as if she had committed suicide.

After getting the report, Zahida's father lodged an FIR under sections 302 and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code. SHO Ghorabari said that the post-mortem report had given this incident a new direction, thus meriting an expansion in the scope of investigating the death from suicide to murder/homicide.

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