Defence Day Cross-Border Attacks By TTP In Chitral Martyrs Four Soldiers

ISPR says at least 12 attackers were killed as the attack repulsed, says Afghanistan was informed about movement of terrorists

Defence Day Cross-Border Attacks By TTP In Chitral Martyrs Four Soldiers

At least four soldiers were martyred, while 12 attackers were killed as the military repulsed an early-morning, cross-border attack by militants in Chitral.

In a statement released by the military's media wing, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Wednesday evening, a "heavily armed terrorists' attack on two military posts" along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in the Kalash region of Chitral. 

The military said the large group of terrorists were equipped with modern weapons.

In a thinly veiled complaint, ISPR said that they had detected the movement and concentration of terrorists in the Gawardesh, Pitigal, Barg-e-Matel and Batash areas of Nuristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan. This information, ISPR said, had been "timely shared with the Interim Afghan Government".

It added that the border posts were already on high alert.

"The valiant soldiers fought bravely and repulsed the attacks, inflicting heavy casualties on the terrorists," the ISPR said, adding that they shot down at least 12 attackers while several others were injured.

A subsequent operation was launched in the area to search for any remaining terrorists.

"Security forces of Pakistan are determined to eliminate the menace of terrorism, and such sacrifices of our soldiers further strengthen our resolve. The brave people of Chitral also stand firmly with the security forces in not allowing the terrorists to ruin the peace of the area," the ISPR said.

The military reiterated that it expected the Interim Afghan Government to fulfil its obligations and deny the use of its soil to terrorists who perpetuate violent acts against Pakistan.

Earlier on Wednesday, a message was circulated from the TTP, which claimed they had launched an attack against military points along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border in Chitral. 

At the same time, there were reports of heavy exchange of fire on the border between the military and the terrorists. Locals said the road leading to the Kalash valley, which houses a few thousand Muslim and non-Muslim Kalashis (whose culture has been designated by UNESCO), was blocked for traffic. 

Separately, there were reports of incidents near the Torkham border on Wednesday, where there were reports of a check post being built on the Afghan side that led to rising tensions between forces on both sides.