Govt To Withdraw PEMRA Amendment Bill 2023

Govt To Withdraw PEMRA Amendment Bill 2023
Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb announced on Monday that the PEMRA Amendment Bill 2023 will be rescinded in response to the journalists' protest.

The minister announced this during a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Information.

Marriyum remarked during the meeting that the government sought to repeal the "black laws" of PEMRA and that she respected the concerns voiced by the journalist community on a few aspects of the bill.

The minister declared that the PML-N supports freedom of expression and that neither it nor the people's constitutional rights will be compromised.

While she was in opposition, Ms. Marriyum said that the measure had been created with input from all parties.


The Bill


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2023, was amended by the Minister of Information and Broadcasting and approved by the National Assembly.

The amendment in clause 2 calls for "fair, transparent, and independent ratings for the broadcasters' TV channels."

After sub-section (3), a new sub-section was created by amending Section 4 with the following proposal: "The Authority shall guarantee that fair, transparent, and impartial forums shall provide ratings to the licensees.

The minister suggested substituting clause 8 of the bill for reporting by the standing committee by following: "8. Amendment of Section 20, Ordinance XIII of 2002 - In the said Ordinance, in Section 20 " (a) in clause (e), the expression "and such content will be in addition to the preamble, and the licensee will also submit an annual compliance report to the effect or as and when required by the Authority;" shall be added.