Women In Law To Reframe Narrative Surrounding Population To Rights Based Approach

Women In Law To Reframe Narrative Surrounding Population To Rights Based Approach
Historically, the discourse surrounding population growth has been dominated by fears of a 'population explosion' or ‘civilizational collapse’. We urge a move away from such alarmist responses towards a rights-based approach that focuses on women's health and autonomy.

The demographic challenges of the 21st century cannot be met with reactionary fertility control policies that blame people and concentrate solely on 'women bearing fewer children', neglecting the complicated mesh of social, economic, and political variables at play.

In a statement, member advisory Barrister Aneesa Agha stated, "We assert that sustainable population management should prioritize gender equity and the equalization of women's access to the labour workforce. In this regard, we envision a world where future measures to address population are geared towards achieving gender parity in education and the workforce."

The empowerment of women through education, gainful employment, and full participation in society not only brings economic benefits but is also key to ensuring a balanced and healthy population growth.

"Furthermore, we draw attention to the critical but often invisible role of women's care work. Despite being largely unaccounted for in GDP calculations, this work is an essential part of our socio-economic fabric," added Agha.

Recognising, reducing, and redistributing care work, along with adequate remuneration, is vital for the true economic emancipation of women and the creation of a more equitable society. To tackle systemic barriers impeding women's progress in workforce, a multi-pronged approach is necessary. Ensuring sufficient parental leave and benefits, availability of quality childcare facilities & promoting female representation at the top of decision-making bodies r crucial.

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