ECP Makes Crucial Change In Electoral Documents Compiled After Polls

Change made in Form 45 of the set of electoral documents, which are compiled while counting the results

ECP Makes Crucial Change In Electoral Documents Compiled After Polls

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Saturday announced a crucial change to Form 45, which is filled in the polling stations while compiling results of elections.

According to the change, presiding officers will now be bound to input the time at which the result was fully compiled in the form, along with the date of the election. 

The ECP has granted all concerned to submit any objections to the move by October 20.

Form 45 contains the count of votes received by each candidate contesting a particular constituency, a copy of which is provided to all political parties at the end of the vote count process in polling stations after voting ends.

Last month, the ECP completed the first phase of the delimitation exercise, which was necessitated after the publication of the Digital Census 2023. The limits of constituencies were presented in written format and as maps. 

The ECP will now embark on a process with constituents and parties on any objections or changes to the constituency maps. This process is expected to continue until October 27; thereafter, these objections will be decided by November 26 and culminate with a publication of final constituency limits and maps on November 30.