Pakistanis Consider Police, Judiciary The Most Corrupt Institutions

Pakistanis Consider Police, Judiciary The Most Corrupt Institutions
A survey conducted by Transparency International Pakistan from October 14, 2021, to October 27, 2021, reflects that people consider police and the judiciary to be the two most corrupt institutions in the country.

According to the National Corruption Perception Survey 2021, people consider the police to be the most corrupt institution in Pakistan, followed by the judiciary, tendering and contracting, and health as second, third, and fourth respectively.

A very high percentage of people, 85.9%, consider the federal government's self-accountability drive to be unsatisfactory as well. People also listed weak accountability, greed of powerful people, and low salaries as the three most important causes of corruption.

The public voted for remedies to reduce corruption in the country, with 40.1% voting for an increase in stringent punishments for corruption cases, 34.6% for accountability of public officers by expediting NAB’s handling of corruption cases, and 25.3% for a complete ban on those convicted of corruption from holding public office.

The survey also asked people's opinions about local governments. Approximately 72% believed that if local governments were in place, corruption at the grassroots level would have been lower.

When asked about inflation, the majority of Pakistanis (92.9%) said that inflation and price hike was highest during the current PTI government (2018-2021), compared to 4.6 % who thought the same for the PML-N government (2013-2018) and 2.5% of the PPP government (2008-2013).