SUCH GUP: The Punjab Mess And A New Kings Party?

SUCH GUP: The Punjab Mess And A New Kings Party?

Good times don’t last long

The Great Leader, stationed in Lahore, is fuming at the way his allies in the Punjab are running the province. He has been airing his skepticism about the shenanigans of Chory Perverse and his son Menace especially the latter’s frequent visits to Spain. The Great Leader is briefed regularly on how Punjab is a cash till for the ruling family. A team that reviews transfers and postings and the major deals is shocked. (The invisibles are also tracking and documenting the loot.) The Great Leader must be missing the 'clean' governance under Bozo the Clown. Good days, they say, don’t last long.

Punjab mess

Our moles are confirming that the change in Punjab is likely, if not imminent. There is green light from the concerned quarters and hectic efforts are underway to bring about a new CM. However, observers have not missed the fact that there is a leadership vacuum in the province. Local matters cannot be handled from the capital and this is why the jorr torr has been challenging. Chory Perv is also nervous about the moves and is trying his best to negotiate with all concerned. But he is in a tight corner. It was under this duress that he hurriedly approved Lahore’s Master Plan in a hasty manner simply to ensure that all the land bosses are rewarded for their ‘services’.


It is now clear that a new King’s party is in the offing. The former Gov, Chory Sarwar is working with the master planners to create a bloc of independents, ambitious fortune diggers before the next election. This rag tag group may or may not succeed but it indicates the anxiety within the various branches of real government that if the necessary measures are not taken, the Great Leader will be unstoppable. Let’s see what this plan yields. Thus far, such projects have not worked out well.

Power wedding

The former chief Spy invited a galaxy of (old and new) VVIPs at his progeny's wedding. Present at the occasion were the other two architects of tabdeeli: former Chief Adjudicator and Big B. It However, many of the project affiliates were hesitant to openly greet Big B given the barrage of accusations by the Great Leader and his troll farms. How things change!

Fair weather friends

Many parliamentarians, especially from the Punjab, are waiting for the direction in which the winds of power will blow. They are keenly following the Islamabad High Court proceedings that may disqualify the Great Leader. The dejected lot in the PML-N are worried that those who were seeking tickets and patronage a year ago are no longer interested. Too much focus on the khakis and too little political action, cynics say.