Sujawal Gets First District and Session Judge After 10 Years

Sujawal Gets First District and Session Judge After 10 Years
After almost 10 years of being declared a separate district, Sujawal has gotten its first session judge.

The Sindh High Court (SHC) has posted Rahmatullah Mooro as the first session Jude of Sujawal, which was administratively bifurcated from Thatta in 2013.

Despite the official separation, the judicial matters of both districts were dealt with jointly by an Additional Session Judge, a Senior Civil Judge, and four magistrates administering the court in Sujawal which was officially supervised by District Judge Thatta. While there is also a civil court in Mirpur Bathoro.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Additional Session Court of Sujawal was granted the jurisdiction of adjudicating gender-based violence cases in 2017.

Members of the Sujawal Bar Association termed it a progressive move for a district and said that it would be convenient for the people of Sujawal to pursue their legal matters at a near distance from their houses.

Amid the hike in transport fares, it was quite difficult for poor clients to bear the fees of their counsels and appear in court at every hearing. The general secretary of the Sujawal Bar Association accredited Sindh Assembly deputy speaker Rehana Laghari for taking measures to get Sujawal declared a separate "judicial district.".

Vice President of District Bar Association Sujawal, Ayaz Ali Khowaja, said that a separate judicial district would foster opportunities for young lawyers to earn money and provide them with an opportunity to excel in this field.