'Imran Bought Lands For Peanuts, Built Malls, Golf Courses On Them’: Aleem Khan

'Imran Bought Lands For Peanuts, Built Malls, Golf Courses On Them’: Aleem Khan
Former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Aleem Khan has accused deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan of buying lands from the public at the government-designated rates and building shopping malls, plazas and golf courses on them.

“If Imran Khan can carry-out construction on those lands, why can’t Aleem Khan have a [housing] society,” the former provincial minister said while responding to Imran’s earlier statement.

He added that the land Imran Khan was talking about was now under the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), adding it was an institution that the former premier had himself set up.

Aleem further stated that RUDA bought lands from the public at the rates set by the government.

“These lands were bought for a few millions and were later on doled out to some favoured land developers,” he maintained.

The former PTI leader went on to call for a probe to determine the beneficiaries and their interests and relationship with Imran Khan.

He questioned whether the developers, who were given the lands, included those whom Farah Khan stayed with in Dubai, whose plane she used for travelling, and ties with whom enabled her to maintain ties with the former premier as well.

Concluding, Aleem said Imran Khan will have to be answerable for the RUDA land, whether the LDA vice chairman who owned a housing society was among the developers given the lands at meagre prices.