SUCH GUP: Major Clean-Up In No. 1's Backyard, And New Wannabe Entrants To Zaman Park

SUCH GUP: Major Clean-Up In No. 1's Backyard, And New Wannabe Entrants To Zaman Park

GT in Islamabad

The civvie-khaki bigwigs met last week and deliberated on issues of ‘national interest’. The former chief spook also featured in the discussions. Our fly on the wall says that the khakis were alerted to pitfalls of Afghanistan policy especially the return of militants from Terrible Tees and how pardons were granted during the B-F regime. In fact, the mainstreaming process under B-F doctrine had boomeranged. Luckily, there was a consensus on this issue. Civvies also mentioned in clear terms that the no. 1 agency was still housing the remnants of the former spook-in-chief. Questions were raised as to how discussions held during important meetings reached the Great Leader and his cronies? Hainji?

Operation clean-up

Our mole says that No. 1 is busy these days with a major clean up in his backyard. After the brazen effort to obtain his personal, family data from NADRA enabled by some officials there, there is now an even greater need to ‘fix’ things before it’s too late. Another cause of worry is the campaign led by ex-khakis against No. 1. Some serving boys have been shown the door and efforts are underway to nab others. The national security huddle specifically pointed towards this intent. Beware, our mole has advised the youthfuls in the ranks.

Gate Number 4

The gatekeepers of Gate Number 4 recently snubbed the banker son of a powerful khaki leader, and Chory Perv, when they tried to advocate a revised policy on the Great Leader. Their handlers questioned if they were ready to become guarantors and there will be no U-turns in the future. Our mole says both smiled and left for their respective hometowns.

G files

Several babus in the Punjab administration are singing like canaries now. They are admitting how ‘lucrative’ postings were earned during the eras of Bozo and Chory Perv. In most cases, investigators hear one name: Gogi. A fresh inquiry has gathered sufficient testimonies to start a formal inquiry, which might lead to the most powerful homemaker in the country. But our mole was upset that the babus who were paying are not being questioned for their misconduct.

Waiting in line

These days two jiyala icons are acting as oracles of the Great Leader in national media. Once they were loyalists of Big Ben and close to Hubby as well. But Punjab circles are awash with rumours that the two stalwarts might be hoping for a forced exit from their parties so that they can join the Zaman Park crowds with a clear conscience.