Mbappe Takes A Stand Against Disrespect Towards Zidane

Mbappe Takes A Stand Against Disrespect Towards Zidane
On January 9th, the French Football Federation’s President Noel Le Graet had an appearance at a French media outlet, RMC where he talked about a number of things, including the fact that he had extended the contract of Didier Deschamps, the current head coach of the French National Team. Deschamps had more than proven his worthiness as head coach, winning the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and almost winning it at the final of the 2022 World cup. However, many people want Zidane as the successor of Deschamps, as it is now believed that the current coach has been there long enough and that it was now time for new blood.

Indeed while Zidane’s managerial prowess has not yet been tested as an international coach, his accolades as club manager speak for themselves. In seven years, he has won 11 trophies with Real Madrid  which includes 3 Champions League Trophies, 2 La Liga Cups, 2 Spanish Super Cups, 2 UEFA Super Cups and 2 Club World Cup’s.

However, when asked the question of the possibility of Zidane coaching Brazil in his interview at RMC, the FFF President said that "I don't give a damn, he can go wherever he wants.

"I know very well that Zidane was always on the radar. He had a lot of supporters, some were waiting for Deschamps's departure... But who can make serious reproaches to Deschamps? Nobody.

"He (Zidane) does what he wants, it's none of my business. I've never met him, we've never considered parting with Didier. He can go where he wants, to a club... If Zidane tried to contact me? Certainly not, I wouldn't even pick up the phone.”

Mbappe in response Tweeted out of his Twitter account that "Zidane is France, we don't disrespect the legend like that," after Le Graet's interview was aired.