Tax Evasion: London Court Imposes £1.5m Fine On Altaf Hussain, Other MQM Leaders

Tax Evasion: London Court Imposes £1.5m Fine On Altaf Hussain, Other MQM Leaders
Altaf Hussain and Syed Tariq Mir are among the top members of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leadership who have been found liable by a court for failing to pay approximately £1.5 million in taxes to His Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the UK government's tax and income collection agency.

The judgment in default was handed down by Judge Henley of Northampton County Court in response to a request made by HMRC in its ongoing civil tax and income dispute with the MQM leadership.

Hussain Mir, Iftikhar Ahmed, and Mohammed Kalimullah Syed, the MQM's founder, and leader, have all been found guilty in the case that the HMRC filed before the court.

There will be a judgment in default of defense against Mir, Hussain, and Kalimullah for a total of £1,476,406.06, according to the default judgment. According to the ruling, the claim against the second defendant, Iftikhar Hussain, continues as a challenged claim.

The order was granted on a party's application without notice, according to the judgment; therefore, MQM defendants have the right to request that it be set aside, altered, or postponed.

Hussain, Mir, and the other defendants deny any wrongdoing, and the judgment is not a finding of guilt or crime because it relates to a civil dispute that has been ongoing for a while.

During the investigation into Hussain and his associates for money laundering, HMRC opened a case of income tax evasion.

Scotland Yard concluded its nearly four-year investigation into Hussain and others after discovering no evidence of money laundering, but at the same time, the investigators learned that the MQM had received donations from Pakistan and around the world, which HMRC had classified as income, and that several people were employed at the MQM International Secretariat and were being paid regular monthly wages, some of which were quite good.