Former First Lady Bushra Bibi Meets Imran Khan In Adiala Jail

The meeting was arranged by the police on the orders of the Islamabad High Court. 

Former First Lady Bushra Bibi Meets Imran Khan In Adiala Jail

On Eidul Fitr, former first lady Bushra Bibi met Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) founder and former prime minister Imran Khan at Adilala Jail, following permission granted to her by the Islamabad High Court (IHC). 

The police scheduled the meeting at the orders of the court. Bushra Bibi was sifted from Bani Gala Sub-Jail to Adiala Jail. The Adiala Jail Conference Room served as the venue for the gathering.

To facilitate Bushra Bibi's visit, one side of the road heading to the jail was blocked. 

In accordance with court rulings, Bushra Bibi was permitted to see Imran Khan on the occasion of Eid.

In the meantime, PTI members congregated outside Adiala Jail to demonstrate in favor of Imran Khan and scream phrases in unison with their leader. PTI North Punjab President Seemabia Tahir led the demonstration. 

However, the police barricaded the road leading to Adiala Jail, making it impossible for them to approach the jail's main entrance. 

The PTI demonstrators dispersed when they were prevented from entering the Jail Colony Gate.