Pakistan-origin News Anchor To Sue CNN For 'Unfair Dismissal', Discrimination

Pakistan-origin News Anchor To Sue CNN For 'Unfair Dismissal', Discrimination
Pakistani-British News Anchor Saima Mohsin has said she is suing popular American global news broadcaster CNN for unfair dismissal and racial discrimination after she was let go by the network, all the while she was nursing herself back to health after being injured while on the job, The Guardian reported.

Mohsin said that in 2014, she had been deputed for reporting in Jerusalem, Israel, a flashpoint for journalists -- including those from Western countries, as was the case of Shireen Abu Akhleh -- when she suffered an accident.

The anchor said that her cameraman ran over her foot with a car, causing severe tissue damage in her foot that has left her with a struggle to sit, stand or walk. It prompted her to pause work full-time.

Subsequently, Mohsin says she requested CNN to assign her alternative duties and sought rehabilitation support. The journalist says both of her requests were allegedly denied by CNN. A subsequent request to switch to a presenting role to reduce the travel times involved was also denied with the explanation: "You don't have the look we are looking for".

She further claimed that her managers chose to put white American correspondents and presenters on air even though she was ready to go live.

The channel terminated her contract three years later.

Mohsin said that she decided to file a claim with the employment tribunal, which is expected to hear her case today.

"I worked hard to become an international correspondent and loved my job with CNN. I risked my life many times on assignment for CNN, believing they would have my back. They did not," Mohsin told The Guardian.

She is being represented by the same legal firm which had fought Pakistani cricketer Azeem Rafiq's discrimination and racism case against the Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

CNN has opposed Mohsin's claim on the grounds that per the terms of her contract, she cannot bring a case in London.