Diary of a Social Butterfly

Diary of a Social Butterfly
Bhai hat off to Ayesha Gulalai, coming from Waziristan, so far and away, even more far and away than Sharkpur and yet being so full of guts. Standing in national assembly and saying her speech and all those men from PTI shouting at her and being disgusting and she is ignoring them like you ignore crows cawing on trees. Couldn’t be easy, vaisay. But can’t say to Mulloo because you know her na, she will immediately fly away into a rage. Itna sa kuch keh do about PTI and she slaps your head off. Since yesterday she’s told me 10 things:

“1. Gulalai did it for money otherwise why she would keep quiet so many years and only speak now when Imran is about to be crowned PM?

  1. Where’s her proof, haan? No ji, we don’t have proof that she’s taken money but that’s neither here nor there. Where’s her proof?

  2. She needs to be thrown in front of a Jirga. Then she’ll know keh what’s what.

  3. Okay he’s a little bit elderly now but he’s still handsome in an antique type of way so why would he even look at her even when women die for him? Tell?

  4. She’s secretly in love with him and did this because he isn’t and she’s jealous.

  5. Everyone knows she wanted another ticket from the party and when he wouldn’t give it to her, for badla she threw mud at his good name.

  6. Bus, baba, she is disgusting.

  7. Her sister that Maria Toorpekai, she is same only. Otherwise why she would wear nicker and play squash in front of the whole world?

  8. Obviously they are shameless and their father is beghairat and they’re not Pathans even, because no self respecting Pathan would do like this.

  9. It’s all their own fault for mixing with men.”

I wanted to reply, “Mulloo, you know in your heart that Gulalai is one of many women who’ve been exploited by Imran, but it’s not fashion to admit it, haina?” But I didn’t have the guts.