Nuggets from the Urdu press

These nuggets are culled from the Urdu press. They are summarised here without comment. Absurd or ridiculous, tft takes no responsibility for them.

Nuggets from the Urdu press

Sheikh Rasheed’s rhymes

According to Daily Dunya (10 July 2017), the leader of the Awami Muslim League, Sheikh Rasheed, stated that the investigation into Panama will yield taboot (coffin), saboot (evidence) and bhoot (ghost).

Imran’s security expertise

It was reported by Daily Dunya (10 July 2017) that PTI chief Imran Khan predicted that the ruling PML-N would not accept the results of investigation against its leaders and was, in fact, preparing to attack the Court like in 1997. He further stated that Nawaz Sharif was a security risk and ought to be put on the ECL.


According to Daily Dunya (10 July 2017), the district president of the PML-N youth wing in Kasur, Chaudhry Asghar Ali, is of the view that an international conspiracy was being hatched against Pakistan and that a Jewish lobby is active in the country.

Raymond urges self-reflection

Daily Jang (10 July 2017) quoted former CIA contractor Raymond Davis as saying that many Pakistanis want to claim he is a liar (jhoota) while they do not raise any questions over their own leaders’ changing statements. He was further quoted as saying that in Pakistan, it is very convenient to shift responsibility for one’s own shortcomings on to India.

Sons of anarchy?

Young men on motorcycles continued their stunts and races on holidays, according to Daily Jang (10 July 2017). Despite arrests by the police, gangs of young bikers continued their activities – and snatched purses from women in a number of cases.

In case of fire…

Daily Jang (10 July 2017) reported that the Rescue 1122 service had run out of the foam needed to put out dangerous fires – and that the concerned authorities had failed to act for 8 months.

Free for all?

The Chief Minister of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Pervez Khattak, was quoted by Daily Dunya (11 July 2017) as saying that he would permit corruption in the province if Nawaz Sharif were to be acquitted in the Panama investigation.


According to Daily Jang (11 July 2017), the PML-N’s Khwaja Asif described Imran Khan as a “Banarsi Thug”, and went on to state that not even his worst enemies could prove any corruption allegations against Nawaz Sharif.

Intensive ordeal

It was reported in Daily Jang (11 July 2017) that the air conditioning unit in the Intensive Care Unit of the surgical ward at Lahore’s Ganga Ram Hospital have stopped functioning. They were reported to be some 10 years old.

Rakhi’s broadside against Yogi Adityanath

Bollywood celebrity actress Rakhi Sawant took aim at Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. According to Daily Express (14 July 2017), Rakhi Sawant criticized Yogi Adityanath’s ban on slaughterhouses and asked him how many cows he had fed in order to become the CM. She went on say that she did not know what Prime Minister Narendra Modi saw in the Yogi, for him to have made a cattle-herder the CM.

Sheikh Rasheed on those who worry about democracy

Sheikh Rasheed was quoted by Daily Express (15 July 2017) as saying that PM Nawaz Sharif had caused much embarrassment in the world (naak katwa di) by being corrupt, and that the most corrupt people were also the most insistent that there is a conspiracy against democracy.