How A Lieutenant General Conspired Against Appointment Of New COAS

How A Lieutenant General Conspired Against Appointment Of New COAS
A lot of controversy reportedly surrounded the appointment of the new Chief of the Army Staff Gen Asim Munir, and it was worse than anyone may have expected.

The back and forth on the signing of the summary was a result of a conspiracy hatched by a senior officer and his group, according to Asad Ali Toor.

The journalist revealed in his latest podcast that the then Chief of General Staff did not want Gen Asim as the next army chief.

Lt Gen Azhar Abbas and other officers in his group belonged to the Kakul Academy while Gen Asim had completed his training from the Officers Training School (OTS), he said.

He further said that the officers met then COAS Bajwa and told him that the general was already retiring and he shouldn't be made the commander of the armed forces.

Bajwa communicated this to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, who spoke with Nawaz, PMLN supremo and his brother.

After Nawaz' refusal, the officers led by Lt Gen Abbas threatened a coup, but that, too, did not pressure the PML-N supremo to change his decision, Toor said.

However, when the summary reached the premier, it still didn't have Gen Asim Munir name in it.

While this was happening, the civil government made a calculated move. It reached out to Lt Gen Shahid Shamshad and offered him the post of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) if he did not come in the way of the appointment.

Lt Gen Shamshad had the command of the 111 Brigade, which would swing into action if a coup came into force, according to the journalist.

Once this key lieutenant general was out of the equation, others had no choice but to surrender. The conspiring officer didn't give up and called a final meeting of his group, but no one showed up.

Soon after Gen Asim Munir's appointment, Lt Gen Azhar Abbas and Lt Gen Faiz Hameed took early retirements.

Concluding, Toor said that the CGS retired early because he knew he may face a backlash to his actions, while the orders for the possible coup were to be transmitted via Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed.