Gen Bajwa Allowed Bushra Bibi’s Aide Farah Gogi To Leave Pakistan: Vawda

Gen Bajwa Allowed Bushra Bibi’s Aide Farah Gogi To Leave Pakistan: Vawda
In an interview to a private news channel, former PTI senator Faisal Vawda claimed that former army chief General Bajwa was the one who allowed Farhat Shahzadi alias "Farah Gogi", a close friend and aide to former first lady Bushra Khan, to leave Pakistan. "When Farah left the country, Bajwa sahib knew of it and obviously he had approved it", Vawda said.

The former PTI legislator, who has been estranged from the party since late last year, was listing the number of 'favours' that the now-retired general had bestowed upon the PTI and upon Khan personally. Vawda also said that PTI chief Imran Khan is stuck in a 'dead end alley', and he sees the former premier being disqualified from office soon.

"In trying to make everyone happy, he [General Bajwa] is now suffering and paying the price", Vawda said on an evening news show. "So much so, that when Ms. Farah wanted to leave the country, she was allowed to go with General Bajwa's knowledge and permission," Vawda proclaimed, adding "because Imran Khan would 'mind' it and take it personally if she [Farah] wasn't allowed to go". Vawda stated that General Bajwa was so cautious that did not want to go to any extent which Khan could have construed as a personal insult.

"A person who has done so many favours for you, and you turn around and vilify him, this is not appropriate", Vawda said. He asked, "if general Bajwa was so bad, why did you give him an extension? And if he was indeed so conspiratorial, then why were you demanding he be given a six-month extension? You wanted to have elections under that (supposed) bad person?".

Faisal Vawda also said that he has many secrets buried in his chest, and that if he revealed them, there would be "pandemonium in the country".