Aasia Bibi, Victim of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law, Struggles To Make Ends Meet In Exile

Having suffered tremendously in Pakistan, Aasia Bibi struggles to live a life of dignity as her past haunts her.

Aasia Bibi, Victim of Pakistan’s Blasphemy Law, Struggles To Make Ends Meet In Exile

Aasia Bibi, victim of Pakistan’s blasphemy law has spoken exclusively to The Friday Times - Naya Daur about the reality of her life in Canada. 

“I have bills to pay, rent. I cannot work anymore, not more than one or two years. Many have made claims that I have a home for free and I have a lot of money. This is not true. People made money off me but I gained nothing. I ask for help to survive,” said Aasia Bibi while talking to journalist Ailia Zehra in a video that appeared on Dissent Today. Earlier, Aasia Bibi had detailed her ordeal in Canada in an exclusive interview with The Friday Times - Naya Daur.

Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman was sentenced to death for blasphemy in Pakistan. She spent 8 years in prison and after being freed, she fled to Canada where today she is living a life of poverty.

For so long people assumed Aasia Bibi had been granted a home which she owned and that she had money – none of it being true. Having suffered mentally, emotionally and physically in jail, all of which has taken a toll on her, she suffers from limited mobility which has hindered her ability to earn a living through which she can live a life of dignity. 

Appealing to the public, she spoke about the impoverished life she leads pleading for support so she could at least pay her bills and rent and live in dignity. Her plight reflects the continuous struggle and cruelty that minorities in Pakistan face, unable to live in peace even when abroad as their past life follows them due to the hardships they face in Pakistan.

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