Gaza Genocide: 7 Killed, Dozens Wounded As Israel Army Hits Khan Younis House

Local sources said that women and children were among the casualties.

Gaza Genocide: 7 Killed, Dozens Wounded As Israel Army Hits Khan Younis House

An Israeli attack on a house in Khan Younis, southern Gaza, killed at least seven people and injured 25 others, according to the Palestinian state news agency Wafa.

Local sources told Wafa that women and children were among the casualties, Al-Jazeera reported.

On the other hand, scores of Palestinians gathered at the Nelson Mandela statue in the occupied West Bank to thank South Africa for pursuing Israel's Gaza genocide case before the International Court.

The marchers joyfully held Palestinian flags while intently listening to talks and conspicuously displaying banners with statements such as "Stop the genocide" and "Thank you, South Africa."

The United Nations' highest court is expected to begin hearings today (January 11), with South Africa hoping for a verdict that will push the tyrannical country to stop bombing.

"It's very important to show appreciation to the people who understand our pain," Ramallah Mayor Issa Kassis told AFP after addressing the audience.

"We feel that South Africa listens to our heart."

South Africa's ruling African National Congress has long backed the Palestinian cause, frequently tying it to its own struggle against the apartheid regime, which cooperated with Israel.

Mandela famously stated that South Africa's freedom would be "incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians."

Mvuyo Mhangwane, South Africa's representative to the Palestinians, stated that his compatriots had not forgotten Mandela's words.

"The message is to remind them (Palestinians) that we are friends of Palestine forever, for better or for worse, and to say that Palestine is not alone," he went on to remark.