PTI MNA Kanwal Showzab Holds Journalist Hostage At Her Home

PTI MNA Kanwal Showzab Holds Journalist Hostage At Her Home
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Kanwal Shauzab has reportedly taken anchor Batool Rajpoot hostage at her home, asking her to delete the interview that she conducted with the lawmaker.

Journalist Hamid Mir tweeted that he received a message from the journalist who told him about the incident.

He shared screenshots of the messages from the journalist. In one message, she said Kanwal's husband was also present and that Kanwal was 'literally fighting' with her.

"She is not letting me leave her house", Batool wrote to Hamid Mir. "She says delete the interview and go".

In response, Kanwal Shauzab posted a video on Twitter in which she denied she had kidnapped Batool and attempted to explain the incident.

The MNA said that Batool had asked a question which Kanwal did not want to answer. The MNA said that she asked Batool to delete the footage and start the interview over, which Batool declined to do. She said that interviews should be done by 'mutual agreement'.

Batool termed the claims as a publicity stunt, and said that Batool had gone to her home and harassed her, denying the allegation that the journalist had been forcibly detained.

The exchange has been criticized by journalists and members of the press, who termed the exchange 'reprehensible' and 'condemnable'.