Usman Mirza Likely To Walk Free As Assault Victims Retract Statement

Usman Mirza Likely To Walk Free As Assault Victims Retract Statement
Both victims in the harassment and extortion case against Usman Mirza recanted their statements in court on Tuesday in a written affidavit which alleged that police had 'fabricated' the entire case against Mirza and his accomplices.

In the affidavit filed by the female victim, the couple requested the court to stop the case against Mirza.  The female victim refused to recognize Usman Mirza, stating that the defendant and his coconspirators were not the same men seen in the video of the incident.  The affidavit continues to state that none of the accused have ever sexually assaulted, forcibly stripped, or videotaped the couple.

"I did not identify any of the accused nor did I sign any papers," the female victim told the court, claiming instead that policemen had improperly used her thumbprints and signatures to authorize false statements.

Following the couples' statements, commentators on Twitter reacted with dismay at the seeming lack of judicial follow through in the case.

Many opined that the case should not hinge on the victim's cooperation, especially in cases where additional evidence exists.

"[The] state should prosecute against such criminals.  Why should the onus be on victims with no protection against recriminations," opined journalist Abbas Nasir.

"This is the 21st century [and] courts are still relying on 'eye witness' to convict someone.  Authentic videos must also be added to the list," wrote another.