PTI To Kick Off ‘Protest Movement’ From Balochistan, Says Omar Ayub

PTI leader says the party will launch a protest movement against the alleged poll rigging and for “restoration of the Constitution and democracy” in the country.

PTI To Kick Off ‘Protest Movement’ From Balochistan, Says Omar Ayub

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Omar Ayub Khan announced on Friday that the party would begin a protest movement for "restoration of the Constitution and democracy" in the country from Balochistan, under the auspices of a "grand opposition alliance." The movement would be directed against the purported manipulation of the February 8 general elections. 

The PTI, earlier this month, declared that it would begin its nationwide protest against alleged election meddling on April 13. Speaking to the media in Rawalpindi following his meeting with the PTI founder in Adiala jail, party leader Asad Qaiser said that the protest movement's first gathering will take place in the Pishin district.

The party created by Khan thought that the ruling class had rigged the results in Form 47s to favor the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N). 

According to Ayub, the protest movement would start in Balochistan and then spread throughout the whole country. 

The PTI created the opposition coalition earlier this month in an attempt to put the current government through a difficult period. 

"We are not among those who turn back; we are the strongest opposition in history."

Regarding the alleged crackdown on PTI members following the May 9 riots, Ayub stated that more than 200 FIRs had been filed against the PTI founder and that the team had been subjected to various forms of brutality. 

"We are here to uphold the supremacy of the law and the constitution," he added, inquiring as to why they had been forced up against the wall. 

"We desire a powerful country." 

"People will ensure equal implementation of the law for all," he stated, raising concerns about the Senate elections.