Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Everybody knows this. We had a deal. In return for my silence, they would let my daughter be. First, they went back on commitment number 1 – that she would follow me to London. Then, they summoned her to NAB. No deal, I said to my brave daughter. Go and show them that we will not take it lying down.

And so she did. I am fast coming to concluyion that women are braver than men. I must admit I learnt to respect and admire Shaheed Bibi late in life but what a standard she has set for courage. I sent a private message to all my workers and party faithful that take courage from the brave women who are leading you today. I said clearly women are batter. Did you see TV screen when my daughter was doing her presser? Centre stage – Maryam. By her side – another Maryam. Behind her, a woman MPA. To the left, a woman MNA. Vah ji vah!

Naxt day, I got Whatsapp messages from leading party members: “I am with my sisters in this struggle for democracy. I am ready to face all challenges. Yours Faithfully, Khawaja Asifa”. Another one: “We women will never surrender. Your Comrade, Shahida Khaqan Abbasi”. Yet more messages: “I am so proud to be part of my sisters’ struggle. We will overcome. Sincerely, Pervez Rashida”.

An urgent call also came. I said, “Who’s speaking?” The voice said, “Mian Saab, this is Ahsana”. I said which Ahsana. The voice said, “Ahsana Iqbal Bano”. Oh, I said, how are you Ahsana, and so aan and so farth.

Then I got series of emails. “Respected Mian Saab, our sisters have shown us how to be brave. They have really demonstrated courage. We are learning from them. Please be patience. Yours with great commitment, Ayaz Sadiqa”. More emails: “Dear Sir/Madam, it is with utmost respect that I assure you of my part in the struggle for democracy. Vote ko izzat do. Yours Truly, Musaddika Malika.”

I have come to undeniable concluyion that aurat raj is the best raj.