Such Gup

Such Gup

Dark horse/mare?

In the aftermath of the Panama Leaks findings by the Joint Investigation Team, there is discussion within The Man of Steel’s inner circle about replacing him as premier, if he steps aside. The consensus seems to be that if The Man is to be temporarily replaced, it must be by a senior party stalwart. This has put paid to the Young Turks, led by the deputy to the One Who Speaks, amongst others. Interestingly, two of the party’s senior-most stalwarts have expressed their unwillingness to wear the crown of thorns. One, Mr Bean’s lookalike, has said that he is not a candidate and wishes to get on with his own job. The burly gent who ministers to our petrol & natural resources has apparently also signaled his lack of desire for the top slot. The One Who Speaks was a strong candidate but his detractors say that he “only joined the Party in 1997, and that too from The Great Khan’s horde” (as if that is a crime!) and may also elicit howls of protest from the Opposition, given his partisan role. Bunny Rabbit, who Plans & Develops, is another candidate – and when asked for confirmation, apparently said that he “would be honoured, if the leader so decides”.

Confounding all predictions, our mole says there may be a dark horse or mare in the race – who will come in from behind and secure the premiership. Whatever happens, The Man of Steel will sit it out in Raiwind and rule by fiat, for the remainder of the government’s term.

Feeling queasy

We hear the adjudicators are feeling queasy about the security of the civilian members of the JIT. They say these officers are out on a limb and need protection. Our mole says three of the civilian JIT members have sent their families abroad because they feel insecure. The Man of Steel’s camp are also anxious, given their apprehension that in the past many “mysterious” attacks have happened and laid at the door of those the powers wish to undermine.