SUCH GUP: Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq

SUCH GUP: Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq

Mir Jafar/Mir Sadiq

At his most recent meeting with some of his favourite hacks, The Great Khan said much more than is being reported. It was reported that he laid the blame for his government’s ouster at the door of The Neutrals. He went on to call them Mir Jafar & Mir Sadiq as usual and declared that he had blocked their numbers, but then said in an aside to one person that Sheeda Tully had brought a message. The message was from No 1, The Great Khan alleged, who expressed a desire to meet him to “sort out misunderstandings”. He says he told Sheeda Tully in no uncertain terms that he would not meet him. We hear The Great Khan poured scorn on Sheeda and said he turned pale at his reply. “Toughen up”, he says he told Sheeda.

Great gamble

And Sheeda Tully is not the only one whose stomach is churning at The Great Khan’s great gamble. We hear the skeletal one, PK from KPK, has told The Great Khan that he thinks it “suicidal” to go down this route of confrontation. Ditto The Saint of Multan. But both are hanging on, we hear, because The Neutrals have urged them to stay in the game, to pick up the pieces after they are “done” with The Great Khan.

Economical with the truth

Let us inform you that The Great Khan is being economical with the truth when he says that he has blocked “their” numbers and has refused to talk to them. He is actively encouraging two of his stalwarts to “stay in touch”. One is A Sad Age and the other is the skeletal PK from KPK. Poor things — caught between a rock and a hard place!