Pakistan Cricket Board Fails To Acknowledge Imran Khan

By not recognising Imran Khan as a cricketer, the staggering omission is a reflection on the poor thought process of the PCB.

Pakistan Cricket Board Fails To Acknowledge Imran Khan
Caption: Imran Khan the cricketer

If we were to define a person by one aspect, one element of their lives, then that is a reflection on the poverty of the mind and not a comment on the person themselves. 

The Pakistan Cricket Board released a video marking August 14 2023 titled 'Making history isn't just about one day, it's about the legends we create and the tales we script'. And it failed to mention or even acknowledge the man who captained the team that secured its first and only world cup victory, Imran Khan. 

This is not a lesson meted out to the ex Prime Minister of Pakistan. This is not a swipe at a cricketer. Nor is it a message of high handedness.

It is a reflection of a poor, sick mindset that cannot think beyond the lens of pettiness, it shows the degeneration of those at the helm of power, unjustified positions that are held by those who cannot take a principled stand. 

What is to be achieved by omitting Imran Khan from this? Nothing. But there is plenty to lose on the part of the PCB and one wonders if the losses are worth it. This not the stuff of 'legends' and at this rate, there aren't many legendary moments being churned out. 

One video alone cannot remove Imran Khan's cricketing contributions, nor can it change the fact Pakistan's win was achieved under his captainship. In this digital age where information is accessible to all and there is a democratisation of thought, one can only wonder what the PCB was thinking because clearly it was not.