Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed "Invited" To Participate In Politics More Openly

Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed
A video emerged purporting to show Faiz Hameed, the recently retired Pakistan Army general and former chief of ISI, being encouraged by local politicians in his hometown of Chakwal to take a more active part in mainstream national politics.

In the video, a local politician can be heard expressing his earnest desire that Faiz Hameed became commander-in-chief of Pakistan Army. General Syed Asim Munir was appointed army chief in late November by the Pakistan government, even though Faiz Hameed was reported to be a hot favorite for the post, especially for former premier Imran Khan and other elements in the country's powerful military establishment.

"We want you to practically come into politics. As you have rendered great contributions to your district while in service [in Pakistan Army], now you should come into public life, and render greater services to your area, your district and Pakistan", the local politician said while praising the former spymaster. "Our country Pakistan needed you, it was Allah's will that you did not reach that [army chief's] post, but for us, you can still continue to serve our country in important positions", he added.

Former civil servants in Pakistan - bureaucrats, generals and judges - are prohibited from taking part in active politics for a period of two years from their retirement. Analysts have already reported that Faiz Hameed is proactively considering a political career since his recent retirement from military service. Watch this video.