Nida Yasir Trolled For 92 World Cup Gaffe On Shoaib Akhtar's Show

Nida Yasir Trolled For 92 World Cup Gaffe On Shoaib Akhtar's Show
Nida Yasir on Shoaib Akhtar's show made a huge blunder and is paying for it now. The morning show host –  whom sports fans have remembered well following her Formula 1 gaffe – has returned with a fresh dose of humour, this time with a comment on the oft-quoted '92 Cricket World Cup.

The Naadaniyaan star's latest faux pas came at ‘The Shoaib Akhtar Show’ on Urduflix, flanked by Shaista Lodhi.

During a rapid fire questions round, she was asked, "What year did Pakistan win the '92 world cup?", to which she replied, "In 2006?"

Shoaib Akhtar to Nida Yasir repeated the question twice but received the same response. At one point, Lodhi whispered the correct answer to her, but to no avail.

The video soon went viral, with the netizens trolling the morning show host with all sorts of responses.

Last year, Twitter had a field day as Nida made a comment about the Formula 1 cars. In the video, she could be seen asking the guests about how racecars really work.

The host went on to inquire whether the Formula cars have the capacity to seat more than a person.

Upon being given the answer, she quipped, "Oh, so it's just a formula for now? Have you done an experiment on any car?"

Interestingly, Nida wasn't irked at the trolling as she later shared a picture online with Yasir Nawaz, her husband, while standing by a Formula 1 car, with the caption "Now, I know everything."

Taking the reaction positively, the popular host said, "After watching the clip, I'm laughing at myself. I find the interview hilarious. It was a mistake though. I'll make sure I research first before discussing any topic."

She went on to say that she had forgotten about the interview as it had happened a few years ago.

Some users seemed to believe that the morning show host made the remarks on purpose in order to go viral.

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