Decapitated Body Of Eight-Year-Old Boy Found In Khairpur

Police identified the body from the clothes found with it as they launched a probe into the gruesome act

Decapitated Body Of Eight-Year-Old Boy Found In Khairpur

The decapitated body of an eight-year-old boy was discovered lying in a wheat field in Khairpur this week, causing panic in the area.

Residents of the Ali Bux Hajana village in Kot Diji taluka of Khairpur district said that eight-year-old Ali Raza Hajano had gone missing under mysterious circumstances from outside his house around a week ago. 

His family had lodged a report at the local police station. 

After a week of searching in vain, the boy's half-naked body was spotted by villagers in a wheat field.

A closer inspection of the body revealed a gruesome detail: it was missing its head. 

The villagers informed the local police, who reached the scene and identified the body.

Police said the boy's body had been beheaded and stripped of its clothes. The boy's clothes were dumped next to the body. 

"We identified the body with the help of the blue-coloured clothes lying beside the decapitated body," the local SHO said.

The Khairpur police said they had launched a probe into the matter and had cordoned off the area.  

The boy's remains were shifted to the Khairpur Civil Hospital for further medico-legal processes. The boy's remains were later handed over to his heirs for burial after completing a post-mortem examination. 

Members of civil society have expressed grave concern over the escalating lawlessness in Sindh. They urged the Inspector General of Sindh Police to take notice of the gruesome incident. 

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.