Journalist Survives Gun Attack In Karachi

The motive behind the attack has yet to be ascertained, while the journalist was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Journalist Survives Gun Attack In Karachi

In a horrific incident on Sunday night, unidentified attackers opened fire on the car of Suno News channel's Karachi Station Chief Shoaib Burney.

The incident happened when the journalist was traveling alone in his car to Rashid Minhas Road.

Burney was shot as two gunmen targeted his vehicle. Shoaib Burney was swiftly taken to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

In a video statement, the journalist said that two armed men on a motorbike followed his car and fired at him when he was driving a car on Rashid Minhas Road. “The bullet smashed the right window of the car and hit my hand,” he added.

The motivation for the attack is unknown, and investigators are looking into it.