Hazardous Impacts Of Climate Change 

'Soon, numerous species will go extinct due to a lack of excess water and deforestation'

Hazardous Impacts Of Climate Change 

Climate change is the major issue facing our planet. Due to the emission of greenhouse gases, the burning of fossil fuels, and industrial pollution, the temperature of the world increases day by day, and thousands of species become unlivable. We are all affected by these changes or will be affected by them in the future.

Since about 250 years ago, since the beginning of the preindustrial ages, the entire globe has warmed 1.1 °C, and researchers predict that it may reach 4 °C in the future. Ozone layer depletion is also a major issue that has serious effects on our planet. It is the cause of direct UV radiation to our skin. These radiations produce more severe diseases like skin cancer, more heat waves, and cataracts in the eyes. Human skin will become darker due to direct UV radiation; there will be no or much less ozone layer to protect our skin. More bacteria and new diseases are created as the temperature rises. Fresh water could become unavailable; the quantity and quality of water would decrease with the passage of time. The human death rate will increase by 250,000 per year. People who work in the outdoors, like workers in agriculture, will be affected more badly by the severe heat wave. There are more heat-related hospitals in Florida. In this summer's heat wave, the bulk of visits to Virginia emergency rooms were by men. So, it may be expected that indoor workers will be affected most.

It also affects the ecosystem's life; corals in warm water are badly affected, and it is predicted that when the temperature exceeds 2 °C, these species will completely disappear. Most species will go extinct due to a lack of water and deforestation. Due to deforestation, there will also be a lack of oxygen, which will increase the rate of asthma. Extinction of species will also disturb the food chain, which will cause a lack of food. Storms have also had a bad impact on agriculture (crops). It will be the reason for the high price of food. Future warm temperatures will speed up the water cycle; there will be more evaporation, which results in more precipitation. So we are looking for more rain in the future, which will cause a high rate of flooding. By getting more water, the sea level will also rise.

The high temperature of the earth will also cause high electricity bills. In the summer, we mostly rely on fans, air conditioners, and coolers. The buying and selling of air conditioners increased with increasing temperatures. The cost of electricity bills will rise. In hot weather, we demand more electricity. There will be more sparks and interruptions of service. It is also the cause of smoke, which will increase the rate of lung disease. The coughing chest tightens. As the high risk of global warming increases, summer activities like sports, hiking, and walking will also not be comfortable. Due to the decreased amount of water in lakes, fishing and boating will also decrease. The most important thing that will hit you is hot air. If there is no fresh and clean air before you open the door, you might check the quality of the air due to the presence of a high amount of smoke, or when you go outside, you must wear a mask. Everything will be clear and sunny, but actually, it will not be.

By the end of these climate crises, it is possible that we humans will change our lifestyle. Human activity has a major role in changing the climate. It is in our hands to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere; by doing so, we may stop or decree the climate crisis. Humans raised carbon dioxide emissions by 46 percent, but this is not the only factor influencing climate change. There are many other gases, like oxides of nitrogen and sulfur, that are emitted by vehicles. We all must take part in reducing the climate crisis by stopping this menace.