A Bowl Full Of Ash With An Amulet Found At Zaman Park During Imran Khan's Arrest: Police 

Punjab Police DIG who led the raid to arrest Imran Khan breaks his silence on what was found there

A Bowl Full Of Ash With An Amulet Found At Zaman Park During Imran Khan's Arrest: Police 

The police team which raided former prime minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's mansion located in Zaman Park, Lahore, on August 5 to arrest him, came across some strange objects in the house, apart from allegedly being heckled by Imran's wife, Bushra Bibi.

This was disclosed by the Punjab Police officer leading the raid that day.

Punjab Police Deputy Inspector General of Police - Investigation Imran Kishwar, in an interview withwith a private television channel,, disclosed details of what they found when they entered the mansion to arrest the PTI chief.

DIG Kishwar said that on the morning of Saturday, August 5, they received warrants of conviction for Imran, which ordered his arrest at around 12:30 pm.

Executing the orders, a police motorcade drove to Zaman Park, where Imran's security team was told there were warrants for the former prime minister's arrest.

Kishwar said that despite communicating the presence of the warrant to Imran's security team, the gate was not opened.

"We had no option but to break down the door," he said, adding that two other doors were locked inside.

He said the police broke the doors to get to Imran. At this point, DIG Kishwar said Bushra Bibi resisted the police and had a heated exchange of words with them.

At this point, Imran asked to see the warrant. This request of Imran was fulfilled, DIG Kishwar stated.

The police officer said that Bushra Bibi started intervening and asked DIG Kishwar if he had come to conduct a raid.

He added that Bushra Bibi allegedly continued to use foul language with the police officer, accusing that "they are police officers; obviously, they are looking for money".

DIG Kishwar retorted that he did not need money and that they were there on orders from the court to arrest Imran Khan.

During this exchange, DIG Kishwar said a silver bowl on the table drew his attention.

When he tried to open it, DIG Kishwar said that he heard Bushra Bibi ask him not to open it and that it contained some sacred items.

However, DIG Kishwar said that he proceeded to open the bowl to find a small bag. He opened the bag and found some ash and an amulet (tawiz). DIG Kishwar said he opened the amulet, but whatever writing was inside was illegible. A small rosary was also contained within the bag.

Upon discovering this, DIG Kishwar said that he turned to Bushra Bibi and asked her what all of this was, she simply responded that these were sacred items and should not be touched by someone who has not performed ablution (wudu).

At this, DIG Kishwar asked how did she know if he had performed ablution or not?

The police officer continued that Bushra Bibi then called out to the other officers in the room, asked them not to search the premises, and even issued some threats while using foul language.

While there has been curiosity about an alleged diary confiscated from Imran Khan's home, DIG Kishwar stated that they had confiscated four mobile phones, which have been sent for forensic examination.

Last week, some pages of Bushra Bibi's alleged diary, reportedly confiscated during the same raid, were leaked to the media. It was suggested that someone else was issuing directions to Imran Khan and controlling what he did.