Police Say Gunmen Killed Near Checkpoint Were F-9 Park Rape Suspects

Police Say Gunmen Killed Near Checkpoint Were F-9 Park Rape Suspects
Islamabad police on Thursday said that the two gunmen who allegedly fired at a checkpoint in Islamabad this morning were the men wanted for the F-9 park rape case.

The rape at gunpoint at the federal capital earlier this month had sent shockwaves across the country.

In a Twitter post, police said that gunmen riding a motorcycle shot at barricade D-12, and due to “safety measures”, the personnel didn't receive any harm.

The gunmen, who could not be identified at the time, were taken to a hospital badly wounded, and they died there. The police, however, did not specify as to how the duo sustained injuries.

Hours later, the police announced that the attackers had been identified and were found to be involved in the F-9 park rape incident, besides other “serious crimes”. One of them was involved in a case of mugging, the LEA said.

Police report dismissed

Meanwhile, the National Assembly's Committee on Human Rights dismissed the report presented by the Islamabad Inspector General Dr Akbar Nasir Khan on the incident, Dawn reported.

“You said a night earlier that two people have been detained. Then we receive news in the morning that both were shot dead at a checkpoint," MNA Shahida Rehmani asked the IG, according to the report.

“Questions arise at this. How did you determine that they were the same (as the rape suspects)?” she asked. The IG replied that the findings were a “part of the probe”.

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According to the victim M*, she was at the park with a male colleague when two armed men intercepted them.

They then took them to the nearby trees and separated the two, before subjecting the woman to the heinous act. The victim was also tortured during her ordeal.

The incident reportedly took place on Thursday night. Police are investigating the incident, with initial probe suggesting an incident of the sort at the park.