'Cornered' Khan Continues To Seek Diplomatic Intervention

'Cornered' Khan Continues To Seek Diplomatic Intervention
As the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf continues to fall and shatter, party's chief Imran Khan has made a number of attempts to seek diplomatic intervention from influential countries.

The European countries are keenly observing the overall political scenario but will refrain from issuing any official statement till the dust settles, according to diplomatic sources privy the developments.

Without going into details, they shared that a former premier, in the recent past, tried to approach the officials as he was keenly interested in a meeting. But the 'aspirations' expressed through a number of messages for a parley could not get through as these were declined.

On Imran's military trial, too, they said the foreign countries will be in a position to comment on the issue once a final decision is made. In other words, they said, the countries have opted for a 'wait and watch' policy.

In a recent audio, Imran Khan could be heard allegedly seeking help from Congresswoman Maxine Moore Waters.

The PTI chief, who had accused the US of engineering his ouster, had allegedly told Waters, "It’s probably one of the most critical times in our history…we have the most bizarre situation going on in this country."

"The situation is…why is my life in danger, because [of] military establishment and the current [lot] that is in power", referring to the coalition of the ruling parties comprising the PML-N, their arch-rivals.

"Maxine, it would be very helpful…if you could verify this by yourself. We have the worst crackdown in our history; no democratic party has ever had such a violation of their fundamental rights," he had said.

"What we want from you is to simply find out by yourself. We would appreciate it because it goes a long way. When someone like you speaks out, it makes a lot of waves in our country."