Nuggets from the Urdu press

These nuggets are culled from the Urdu press. They are summarised here without comment. Absurd or ridiculous, tft takes no responsibility for them.

Nuggets from the Urdu press

For whom it is done

The president of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan Punjab Zawwar Bahadur, according to Daily Jang (19 February 2018), took the view that the rulers were trying to promulgate Western culture in order to please their masters, but that the Islamiyan of Pakistan will not permit this. He added that the rulers are so intoxicated by power that they were doing un-Islamic and un-constitutional things.

Tragedies compared

Former federal minister Muhammad Ali Durrani, according to Daily Dunya (19 February 2018), opined that the leader of the largest political party campaigning against the position of the judiciary was a bigger tragedy than the fall of Dhaka.

For Nawaz

Hanif Abbasi was quoted by Daily Jang (19 February 2019) as saying that he was in the same boat as Nawaz Sharif, and that he did not fear any punishment. According to the report, he quoted Nawaz Sharif as saying that now it would be truly satisfying to do politics (“Hanif Abbasi, siyasat karnay ka mazza tou ab aaye ga!”).

Great Expectations

Daily Jang (19 February 2018) informed its readers that Imran Khan had – on the occasion of his second marriage during the dharna protest – assured the then bride that she would soon be the first lady of the country. According to the daily, he did so, based on the same guarantees that gave him confidence that he would be made Prime Minister. Furthermore, it was reported that he had made similar promises to his ex-wife and children on his trip to London prior to the 2013 elections. It ended on the note that he had once again promised something similar on the occasion of his third and most recent wedding.

Reason for a ban

Daily Dunya (19 February 2018) reported that singer turned BJP politician Babul Supriyo had called for a ban on Pakistani artists Atif Aslam and Rahat Fateh in Bollywood. According to the report, he further clarified that both were very talented artists with fine singing voices, but that his objection was that they were Pakistani, and it was on such grounds that he supported restrictions on their music in Bollywood.


Former President General Pervez Musharaf was quoted by Daily Dunya (20 February 2018) as saying that he would not take up the leadership of MQM even if he were invited to do so. He further added that his vision was too broad and that MQM did not match up to it.

Dasti on marriage

Daily Dunya (20 February 2018) quoted Jamshed Dasti as saying that Imran Khan had disappointed the nation (maayoos kiya) by his recent third marriage. He expressed his opinion that there was a certain appropriate age to get married (shaadi ki aik umr hoti hai), and that after that, marriages were done for ayashi (hedonism).

Differences of opinion

Daily Dunya (20 February 2018) informed its readers that an interesting aspect (dil-chasp amr) of the PTI chief’s latest marriage was that there were two opinions on it even within the party itself. Party workers and youth were happy about the marriage whereas senior and serious (sanjeeda) people were expressing their reservations in a veiled manner. The report went on to quote a senior leader (senior rah-numa) as saying that while Islam indeed permitted nikah, there was an appropriate timing for that – but that they were in no position to comment on it.

A rude awakening?

It was reported by Daily Dunya (20 February 2018) that a resident of a village of Nankana Sahib was taking his cattle to the market when he felt sleepy on the way. He halted and fell asleep, during which time, four people – of whom two were identified – made off with his cattle. Police have registered a case against them.

Capt. Safdar on marriage

Captain (R.) Safdar was quoted by Daily Express (23 February 2018) as expressing his opinion that marriage was a personal matter of Imran Khan, but that he ought not to marry for the reasons that he marries for (jin maqasid ke liay woh shaadi kartay hein, unhein aisa nahin karna chahiye). He went on to say that he termed Maryam Nawaz a Hoor of Paradise on Earth and that he would not marry again. He further stated that nevertheless, he advised his uncle Shahbaz Sharif to have four marriages, since he does not marry out of any political motive or because of some dream – but that God had written marriages in his destiny and he was able to have them (Allah ne inki qismat mein shaadian likhi hui hein aur woh kar letay hein).

Senate nominations

Sheikh Rasheed was quoted by Daily Express (24 February 2018) as saying that there had been 19 major changes to the nomination form for the Senate and the nationality field had been removed. According to Rasheed, now even an Indian citizen could run for the Senate in Pakistan.