Main Suspects In Jaranwala Incident Apprehended: Mohsin Naqvi

The two Jaranwala natives had been booked under blasphemy charges

Main Suspects In Jaranwala Incident Apprehended: Mohsin Naqvi

Punjab's Caretaker Chief Minister Moshin Naqvi on Thursday evening said that "both main accused" involved in yesterday's incident in Jaranwala — where a mob torched several churches, ransacked Christian homes and vandalised a graveyard — were now in police custody.

Naqvi announced the arrests on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on Thursday evening.

"Major breakthrough in the Jaranwala Incident – both main accused now in CTD (Counter Terrorism Department) custody," he said. He appreciated the Punjab chief secretary and Punjab Inspector General of Police for their "relentless efforts" to apprehend the suspects.

"Prime Minister's unwavering concern guided us, driving the swift arrest process. Grateful for the trust he placed in our team, fueling record-time arrests," Naqvi added.

On Wednesday, the Jaranwala police had lodged an FIR against two Christian men, alias Raja and Rocky, for allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran and issuing derogatory words against revered personalities.

Their alleged act had sparked unrest in Jaranwala, with angry mobs gathered and launched at the residences and worship places of Christians in the city. 

As a result, at least 17 churches (including 12 registered and five unregistered) were vandalised and set ablaze. Homes belonging to Christian communities, the assistant commissioner's office and a Christian cemetery also suffered damage as thousands of armed men descended on them.

Earlier in the day, Naqvi met with representatives of various religious groups to emphasise the essence of interfaith harmony.

"The Jaranwala incident has raised numerous questions and exposed a conspiracy aimed at disrupting our nation's unity," he remarked, adding that efforts of "conspirators" are destined to fail.

"We stand united, true to our Quaid's vision," he said, adding, "As a Pakistani, we all condemn the incident that took place in Jaranwala. We assure you that the conspirators and perpetrators will see the wrath of law very soon."

He also promised to restore all the damaged buildings in Jaranwala.